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michelle |  Date : 2014/03/13 00:00 |  Hit : 1493
hi ^0^ geoffrey~
it's me michelle.
You are so handsome and nice
 i can't lost my sweet memories, including the dinner you did that night, i love so much.
Just because of my broken bones after skiing,  i have enough time to write to my friends.
However, i am so happy to do so, talking with friends is amazing.
Hope one day meet you again.
With my best wishes,
IB Hostel 2014/03/13
Bonjour michelle~ :)

How have you been??
Did you enjoy staying at IB_ItaewonBackpackers? ^^
It was really nice to see you. 
i am really hope to see you again in the future.
Also, you can see and share our memorable photos and blogs on our Facebook.
We sincerely hope to meet on Facebook, and want to keep in touch with you.
Thank you again and we hope that your everything goes well.

With my best regards.
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