IB is    Notice


  • All rooms are non-smoking areas. Smoking is available in the terrace and the garden.
  • You are responsibengle for your lost items.
  • If you have any valuables, tell us, and we will keep it safe for you.
  • You should pay for the damage you made to the public articles.
  • If you want to stay longer, ask us if it is possibengle before the date you leave.
  • You will be asked to leave if you disturb other guests
  • The lights in the lounge will be off at 12:00am.
    (there may be an exception: when using 1,2 floor independently.)
  • Feel free to use amenities outside the building.

Check in&Check out

check in: 14:00 ~ 24:00.

  • If you want an early check in, please tell us when you make the reservation.
  • We will tell you the status, and it's free.
  • You can wait in the lounge while the room is being cleaned.

check out : 11:00

  • If you want a late check out, please tell us when you make the reservation.
  • We will tell you the status, and it will be charged.
  • Before 13:00 10,000won, after 13:00 it will cost one night fee, so we recommend you stay in the lounge.

Luggage Storage Service

  • If you want us to keep your luggage before you check in, tell us your check in time beforehand.
  • If you want to enjoy your trip after you check out, we can also keep your luggage for you. Tell us the time you will pick up beforehand.

Reservation Announcement

Method & confirmation

  • If you leave a message online, we will contact you.
  • After the online reservation, you can confirm by email of telephone. The reservation is made by the order of payment..

Final reservation.

  • deposit 50% of total amount two weeks ahead, and your reservation is made.
  • deposit total amount a week ahead, and your reservation is made.

Front Desk

  • open-close 9:00~24:00
  • lunch hour 12:00~13:00
  • dinner hour 18:00~19:00
  • We also reside here besides the operating time, but we will post a note with our contact number if we are absent.
  • If you call us at the front desk, we will help you as soon as possible.
    ※ But, please wait during the lunch, dinner hours. Thank you.

Refund Policy

Itaewon Backpackers operates with reservation system. Due to the fact that we cannot sell the rooms during the reservation, we have a refund policy.

  • cancel 2 weeks ahead: full refund
  • cancel 1 week ahead: refund excluding 50% of the reservation period.
  • cancel 3 days ahead: no refund

Itaewon Backpackers will treat you with the best qualities of service, and promise we will do our best to become the new guide of Itaewon.
Thank you.